Monday, 28 January 2008

Cultivate Power

I am shortly to depart the snowy mountains of Colorado.

It is a beautiful place, with scenery so epic that no painting or picture could ever be more than a shadow of the majesty of nature.

And nature is an interesting thing, is it not? As I was snowboarding down Buttermilk Mountain I stopped, casting my eyes across the silent grandeur of the mountains ahead.

I looked at my glove, and closer at the minute flakes of powdery snow that covered it, and it got me thinking.

No two snowflakes are alike, they say.

And no two mountains are the same.

But in a way, snowflakes and mountains are identical.

You see, the quality of difference is a quality everything shares. Everything is exactly different, exactly unique.

Infinitely different.

There is a quality of infinity to all things that never disappears, no matter how close we look, nor how far away we stand.

That shifting infinity though - it is not a uniform thing. The underlying infinity of reality itself forms and reforms always, and never loses cohesion.

And just as one form may disappear - a snowflake, a mountain or a man, that quality of infinity which is present in all things... which is the true nature of all things... remains just as a wave can collapse without destroying the ocean.

What is this awareness that I feel? What is it?

Because I'll tell you what it feels like - it feels as if I'm tapping into that shifting infinity, and that the shifting infinity is the ocean upon which the 'waves' exist.

Could it be that the human brain is not a processor, but in truth a kind of transmitter that hooks up our animal forms directly to the shifting infinity of the quantum universe itself?

It seems to me that the true challenge of the modern human condition lies in managing to escape the linear processing which the human brain is poor at, and instead use our brains as they 'want' to be used... as organic pattern-recognition quantum computing devices.

This process does not require any thought or any effort, and it massively accelerates the power of you as an individual in every circumstance you can imagine yourself in.

Professional, personal, social, sexual... whatever.

To begin to undermine the 'analytical compulsion' which is the bane of all living humans is to instantly awaken a level of personal power which is quite simply indescribably potent.

This power will allow you to charm, to command. To understand, to realize. To experience life at a pitch and intensity that you'd never believe possible, and to generate lighting reflexes for seeing, and seizing, opportunities that will make your life into something approaching a Hollywood movie script.

What's interesting to me is that most people who find this truth simply 'Zen-out' on a mountain top, or smoke pot and say Om.

Fuck that.

What I propose is that anyone who wishes to live a life of glory throws themselves into honing their Zen as they would hone a sword to a razor edge.

Let us kick something off, and deploy enlightenment like a nuclear assault on the very foundations of fear, hate and arrogance.

Just remember, people.

It begins at home.

Get yourself in order. Begin your training.

Cultivate power.

Cultivate the power of reality itself.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Six Billion Lies Competing For Attention

Ok, here's the plan.

I write a book. It doesn't need to be Da Vinci. It just needs to be slicker than average, and to get a case across.

The book will argue the following case.

There are two fundamental levels to what we experience.

There's the fictional level, the level of concepts and thoughts, the level of value judgments and black and white distinctions.

There is also another level of reality, which is basically just reality.

Now, we are born into the first world, the fictional world. It is imbedded in our psyche as it was embedded in the psyche of our parents and all our ancestors stretching back to the dawn of self-delusion.

The crazy thing is, we know it's fictional. Or at least, since the middle of the 20th century we've known it.

The alienation of youth - something we assume is universal and normal, is actually neither. It's a very specific historical phenomenon that began around the end of the 1950's and has continued until the present day.


Because before television and radio and mass communication the cultures into which we were born were the only ones we knew. The viewpoints of our parents were the only ones we had.

The psychological cohesion of the fictional worlds into which we were born were absolute.

But not now.

From the 1950's onward we've been increasingly bombarded with information which has made each of us aware of a wider world around us, of people who do not think as we think, or believe as we believe.

And no matter how strong the fictional world we are born into appears to be, even one atom of doubt can do it terrible damage... for after all, it is simply not real.

You see, the fictional world is rigid. It is one of rigid value systems and rigid structures. Perhaps the truth is that in a world where wealth, power and information shift so quickly, all rigid structures will always fall.



Let them fall.

Because here we are now at the tail end of the postmodern age, at the twilight of subjectivity.

This fictional world has fallen in on itself, and fiction now consumes fiction... and it is universally accepted by all who enjoy even a whisper of wisdom that money is not the answer, and that product is not the answer, and that status is not the answer.

A crisis point is being reached.

And it is this.

In order to compete with the consumer products of yesteryear, the next generation of consumer products must have all new bells and whistles on them.

There is a kind of zero-sum game going on in this Capitalist world in which we live.

Luxuries are competing against each other for our attention and our money.

And in doing so, they are becoming more outlandish, more potent, more extreme.

This process is accelerating all the time in rate and scale. It has no upward limit. It is, essentially, a feedback loop.


All feedback loops, left unchecked, shatter their boundaries. If you leave a mic next to an amp and allow that screech of feedback to increase indefinitely, something is going to blow.

Some fuse is going to pop, somewhere, and the whole system will cease to function.

The feedback loop of consumerism is screeching at such a powerful and overwhelming volume that it is awakening mass numbers of human beings from their unthinking slumber.

Nowhere, at any time in the past, have there been so many people snapping out of the mindset of the 'herd' and looking around them. Looking around and seeing nothing.




The howling terror that comes with the realisation that we are all slaves to a machine of our own design.

The grinding crunch of the realisation that there is no conspiracy. There is no Big Brother, no hidden governments pulling the strings.

There are no strings.

There's just six billion different lies competing for attention.

I am always buoyed up when I hear of the massive numbers of people suffering from clinical depression.

It makes me smile.


Because I know from bitter experience that the phenomenon that medics refer to as clinical depression is very often the awakening of a true understanding that the world in which we live and die is a fiction with no meaning.

Jarring, isn't it?


Well that's because from the point of view of the fictional worlds into which we are born, their collapse means the collapse of all personal meaning and significance.

No, I'm still talking way too abstract.

From the point of view of the fictional world of meaning that you have woven into the fabric of your psyche itself, the fact that you can't get rid of the doubt that you feel about the very life you live is fatal to your ability to operate in the world.

The death of the lies that you rely on to navigate your way through the chaos of existence renders you crippled.

The destruction of that fiction which is the very ground beneath your feet and the realisation of it's totally delusional nature is shattering, crippling and extremely painful.

Now let me be clear.

I'm not trying to argue away your beliefs.

What I'm saying is this.

Your beliefs are doomed.

They cannot survive. They simply do not have the strength to hold together under the relentless pressure of the world in which we live without you totally retreating into your own mind and blocking your ears to all evidence to the contrary.

And sure, some people will do that. And it is so tempting to look at those who retreat further into delusion and say "humanity is weak, and thus is doomed." And many say such things.

But I do not.

For I am not looking at those who retreat deeper into slumber.

I am looking at those who are emerging, tentatively and painfully, into the light of day.

You see, there is an inescapable natural justice to the affairs of men that is totally implacable, and has nothing to do with morality.

It cannot be cheated, and will instigate a terrible, and rapid vengeance if you try.

But it also rewards massively. The rewards are huge and immediate, and grow exponentially with time.

I'll talk more of this later, but for now, simply think on this.

Fiction has no power. Not in and of itself. A man may invest himself in a fiction by a process of self-delusion, arrogance and fear, but the only power that fiction has is the power that man gives it.


Because that man is real.

He invests a fiction with his reality, and can, if he believes it strongly enough and others are weak enough, reorder the world in his image.


It is still a fiction, and as such, it is still rigid and artificial - and thus it is still doomed.

It will fall. All things that stand, fall.

But what if a man, instead of building a new fiction from the ruins of his old world view, instead dedicted himself to cultivating that connection with reality itself?

What if he left behind all fiction, and worked ceaselessly to break himself from the 'matrix'?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human authority?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human wisdom?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human beauty?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human honour?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human strength?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human clarity?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human genius?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human success?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all humanity?

You see, there are two worlds which you experience every single day.

The first world is the world that your school, university or job tells you is real. The world that television tells you is real. The world that advertising tells you is real.

The world of consumerism, of insecurity, of arrogance and hate, of 'moral crusades' and 'moral judgments' that further divide a divided planet.

The world of what you should and shouldn't do. How you should and shouldn't feel. Who you should and shouldn't be.

And then, on the flip side, you have this moment, right now. This second you're living in which flows like the crest of a wave, which never began and never ends.

And those of us who have chosen to leave behind all fiction strive daily to cultivate that connection with the wavefront of the only moment you'll ever know - this one.

There are many ways to cultivate that - I myself have been reading up on Zen, and I'll continue to do so, and to look for and explore anything else that looks promising.

I think of it like learning to surf.

But the point is this - there is an inescapable natural justice to the affairs of men.

And that means that we do not need to win any arguments to save the world.

We do not need to fight in order to win.

All we need to do... and this is very simple... is to work that one muscle. That one thing - connection with reality itself.

Because once we have developed this to a significant degree, I have the feeling that we will be able to transcend the problems that, right now, seem intractable.

So, what I'm going to do is put together a book which gives concrete ways of getting... and supercharging... that link with reality.

It will be very simple to sell because the raw power of such an approach makes most self-help look childishly weak. This shit can revolutionize your life in a matter of days, if properly applied... and properly delivered.

As such, I'll make a shitload of cash and be able to afford that new diamond-studded loofah I've been looking at.

And, as an incidental side effect, we'll kick off a process that can save the world.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Apsen Baby!

So here I am in Aspen. Aspen times, baby!


It's epic, just awesome scenery. I've just eaten some pizza, and we're about to go out somewhere and eat.

I have three watches.

One of them simply states "Now".

One of them sports a Union Jack and displays the time in Britain.

One of them has a Superman logo and displays what a certain German fellow would refer to as 'Clock Time'.

They all have chunky leather straps and they're on one arm.

It looks like a huge leather bracer.


In other news, I need to buy some new jeans, as the crotch has worn out in these ones. I'm not wearing pants right now, and there's about 5 feet of snow outside.


Aspen! Woo! Aspen!

And that's all I got right now gents.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Power Of Christ Compels You

That's what I said.

You see, I've got a great deal of respect for those crazy ass Zen Masters who sit on a mountain top and are totally at one with the world.

I think it's awesome - and not only that, I think that these men are like relay racers. They cultivate the flame of awareness, carry the torch, so to speak.

You see, every single religion started with some dude who was hooked the fuck up.

Let's take the one example that's going to piss everyone off - Jesus.


I love flaunting my Christianity. There's something so cringeworthy about the 'J' word. There's not much you can do to freak out your work colleagues when you work in RSD, but the Christian thing? Love it. They just get really awkward.

Apart from Tim, of course. But don't you worry. I'll get him somehow.

I want to pick the JC example because it's such an extreme case.

Now, most people think of Jesus as this sanctimonious, holier than thou twat who preached at people to meet these impossible moral standards, then died.

And from one point of view, they're right.

That point of view is the point of view of orthodox Christian theology.

It's fascinating.

If you look at the life of Jesus as represented in the Gospels, you find something very interesting.

His story goes like this.

He starves himself in the desert.

He sees Satan.

Satan tempts him, and he resists.

He comes out of the desert healing people left, right and centre.

He becomes something of a celebrity.

Then he goes to Jerusalem, and begins to talk about where he's coming from.

Then he goes to the temple, and kicks the fuck off.

Then he's arrested.

Then he's killed.

Then he comes back, imbues his followers with superhero powers and flies off like Neo.

And that's it.

It's interesting, because about 50 years ago in Nag Hammadi, a scroll was found from first century Palestine detailing the 'sayings' of Jesus. It had no narrative, just a collection of his sayings, a lot of them unknown.

It was declared a heretical text by the various Christian Churches, and sidelines. You can read it online at this link:

The interesting thing is it contains sayings like this:

"Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all."

And it says things like this:

"When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."


Slightly different vibe, huh? Slightly more intense, and insightful. Less easily categorized as 'moral preaching'.

It's funny - the thing about 'moral preaching' is that the only people who ever listen to it are hypocrites.

And the funny thing about 'morality' in general is that it's basically nothing more or less than the machinery of judgment and condemnation.

The irony is that even in the accepted Gospels, Jesus says that we should not judge, nor should we condemn.

He doesn't qualify this.

He just says it.

Don't judge. Ever.

Don't condemn. Ever.

This essentially undermines the principle of justice on which all human morality is based.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

This Jesus guy was not a moral man.

He was, if anything, anti-morality.

And quite openly so.

Here, check this out, again from the Gospel of Thomas:

"I have cast fire upon the world, and look, I'm guarding it until it blazes."


What's he talking about here?

I think he's talking about the ability to tap into the core essence of one's very humanity, the link we each share with the infinite consciousness that is our birthright as humans.

What did the big JC do? Here's what I think.

He clicked to something massive. Some power, the power of Zen, or Allah, or infinity, or God, or whatever label you want to stick on to it - he united with it.

And once he'd united with it, he knew that he had to communicate it with the world, because if he could trigger a process that would lead to the whole world hooking into this power as he had, the world would move beyond morality as he did - and there would be no more conflict either inside people's minds, or outside in the world.

Here's another interesting one:

"If you fast, you will bring sin upon yourselves, and if you pray, you will be condemned, and if you give to charity, you will harm your spirits."



Let's read that again, shall we?

"If you fast, you will bring sin upon yourselves, and if you pray, you will be condemned, and if you give to charity, you will harm your spirits."

So what you're saying here is that the machinery of morality will chain you down and fuck you up, isn't it? That's what you're saying, isn't it, Jesus?

I thought so.

He also said this, which I think is cool:

"Love your friends like your own soul, protect them like the pupil of your eye."

Sounds like a dude to me.

I also like this one:

"Congratulations to the person who has toiled and found life."

And how about this little humdinger?

"Whoever does not hate father and mother cannot be my disciple, and whoever does not hate brothers and sisters... will not be worthy of me."

What the fuck?


From the mouth of the vaunted 'lamb of God?'


What's he talking about here? You hate them?


I think he's talking about total destruction of any attachment to other people or things - even your close family.

In fact, I think it's pretty obvious that's what he means.

It's a little bit like Buddhism - only much more hardcore.

And that's what's emerging, isn't it? He's like Buddha, only far more extreme. Much more hardcore. No soft edges on this motherfucker. Just straight up "this is what you do."

And why would you do all this shit, huh?

Why would you do all this crazy ass shit?

Well, from the mouth of the man himself it's so that you can enter the 'Kingdom of God'.



Interesting words those.

It's almost as if everyone just assumes that this means the afterlife.

It's even more interesting that everyone (myself as a kid included) assumes this when Jesus explicitly states on multiple occasions that the opposite is true.

Here's an example, but all four Gospels are littered with stuff like this:

"His disciples said to him, "When will the kingdom come?"

"It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said, 'Look, here!' or 'Look, there!' Rather, the Father's kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people don't see it.""



Ok, so what's a Kingdom?

Well, a lot of theologians start talking about kingship, lordship, all that jazz.

But no-one seems to be getting even more basic than that.

What's a Kingdom?

A country. A place. A state. A nation.

It's a domain.

And God.

Well, a lot of theologians start talking about first causes, about creators, about a whole shitload of stuff.

For me, it's becoming increasingly apparent that what the truly Holy men and women referred to as 'God' is exactly the same phenomenon - exactly the same - as that infinite stillness that Zen connects you to.

As that moment of awe when you see something that your rational mind can't process.

As the sublime which poets write of.

The infinite reality of which we all are part.

So 'Kingdom of God' could very easily translate as 'Domain of Infinite Reality'.

In fact, I'll go further and say that it's pretty fucking obvious that this is what that sandal wearing hippy was talking about - and not some autocratic intergalactic bastard with a grudge against apple-eaters and a twitchy smiting hand.

So here's the thing.

I don't think Jesus was dispensing moral advice.

I think he was describing reality as he saw it, and I think he was doing that for a reason.

And the reason is this:


Unbelievable, and uncorruptible power.

You see, as I cultivate the authenticity I have - as I continue on my quest to shatter the conceptual apparatus of my identity and ego, I discover that I am a great deal more powerful than I have ever been.

I recently discovered that when I was out pulling chicks using pure honesty, I was so good that even world class pickup artists who know and trust me are highly sceptical that the things I did ever happened.

I think this is hilarious. I had no idea I was that good.

But here's the thing - all of my 'methods' cannot be used for ill.

All the things I teach simply do not register in the minds of people who are selfish. They think I'm lying, that I achieve what I achieve by trickery.

It simply does not fit into their world view that authenticity - that honesty itself - has a visceral power that simply cannot be rivalled by any other human agency.

You see, the power of authenticity is incorruptible power. It is the power to walk up to any woman in any situation, and fuck her within minutes if that is your will.

Yes, you heard me. Minutes.

It's the power to hold your cool under pressure that would shatter a normal man's mind, and make decisions of such insight and brilliance that others are blown backward by the near supernatural levels of genius you display.

It's the power to float above all negativity - to transcend struggles that would destroy even great men by widening your perspective and seeing solutions of such dizzying potency that others will stop in their tracks and follow you into hell if you ask them to.

It's the power to surf the crest of chaos itself.

It's all the power there is, or ever could be.

And it's right there, right here, right inside us all the time - as long as we can rise above the universe of 'judgment,' 'condemnation,' and 'morals,' and dwell in the domain of infinite reality.

And in that place, there are many different powers I think, awaiting our discovery. The descriptions of 'psychics' and 'mystics,' 'mediums' and 'spiritualists' all share commonalities which are so pronounced that only arrogance, judgmentalism and the desire to disdain with which our reality is riven obscures this obvious truth.

But of course - once you've categorized a power, you've imbedded it in the world of conceptual thought and cut if off from the original source of it's power... the domain of infinite reality.

And once it's cut off from the source, it loses it's wholeness. Or, to use another word for wholeness - it loses it's integrity.

And then, when you chase after it, you are chasing a phantom - and it destroys you.

This, I believe, is true even when talking about the most crazy-ass levels of power. That's why psychics and mediums are such weird motherfuckers. They're chasing power.

And chasing power is a fucking stupid thing to do.

Because you don't need to chase what you already are.

Here's why I'm a Christian. Because of all the holy men who've ever walked the earth, Christ alone believed in global redemption.

I love Zen. I love it. I find it so much more potent than anything else I've ever encountered for stripping the self-delusion from you and riveting you to reality.

But the goal of Zen is Zen.

The purpose of Zen is Zen.

And the point of Zen is Zen.

I call it recreational enlightenment. You punch into the domain of infinite reality, then just 'Zen out' for fifty years.

Maybe you take on a student. Maybe you don't.

It's all very Zen.

And frankly, it's not for me.

I'm the least Zen guy I know.

I'm so not Zen, that I want to take Zen and wield it like a sword to destroy the internal and external conflicts which wrack this globe and threaten our species.

I always find it amusing when people tell me that this can't be done. I find it funny because that kind of talk just riles me up more and makes me more set on doing it.

Doing what, you say?

Aye - well I'll tell ye.

If a man could connect totally with reality itself, here and now, he would have the full powers of the communications revolution and the information age at his disposal.

If a man could crack the code on waking people up to full connection with that domain, the domain of infinite reality, he could package that idea, and sell it.

And in selling it, he could create a business - a self-help business in the existing industry using proven techniques to drive this information into the popular consciousness like a fucking piledriver.

This isn't about 'discovering the meaning of life'. It's about unleashing the meaning of life.

And that is how a man could become a millionaire, and save the world doing it.

Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Blueprint Times Abound

Sweet mother of Christ, people.

You have no idea what my job involves.

The Blueprint Decoded seminar is probably the most sought after piece of machinery in the seduction community's history.

It's had a four year build up. FOUR YEARS.

That's not some marketing team with a graphics design team setting up a flashy ass waste of everybody's time so they can cash in on fame.

It's a different order of thing.

And that's what you have to realise about the Blueprint. It's a different order of thing.

It's a different kind of program, a different kind of seminar.

This is simultaneously the Magnum Opus of a man who's reputation has held steady in the face of some of the most extreme and damning criticism ever leveled at anyone, and a heartfelt plea to all men to rediscover their very humanity.

It is a blistering attack on falsehood that cuts to the very core mechanism of self-deception - and shatters it like glass on an anvil.

It is so transcendentally beyond anything that you've ever seen or heard before that to call it a 'seduction product' is, to my mind, almost funny.

But the truth is....

Damn. It will make you a star.

It will make you a superstar.

It will turn your head inside out, and when it's done, your life will be unrecognisably awesome.

It's like the pickup equivalent of Bruce Lee's Tao of Jeet Kune Do... except Lee never finished his masterpiece. Tyler did.

A scorching piece of work that hits harder and harder each time you watch it, wrenching you out of the matrix of conceptual bullshit and rooting you into reality like a pillar of steel driven 500 miles into the floor.

Such an incredible display of honesty, authenticity and humanity that it leaves all criticism of the man splintered like matchwood in a tornado.

We're all going to be famous.

That is to say... Tyler is going to be famous enough for everyone.

It might not happen immediately, but it will happen.

You'll see.


Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Tip Of The Spear

And so it is, just like you said it would be.

Life goes easy on me.

Most of the time.

Awesome weekend - one of the best I've had. Hit a realization I've been working toward for some time now.

The tip of the spear.

It's so simple.

I'm too tired to tell you, and I need to think this one through.

1% of infinity is infinity.

If you can sort yourself out 1%, you can sort yourself out.

The tip of the spear.

Sleep now.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Channel The Flow...

We're like fun junkies. We'll do anything if it's fun. We'll sit all day hammering plastic buttons to shoot fictional creatures with fictional guns because it's fun. We'll inject chemicals into our veins because it's fun. We'll waste our whole lives because watching TV is more fun right now than working toward the glorious fun times we could have in the future.

We'll protect our identities like we protect our crack habits. A man will walk through fire, will punch a man in the face, will kill and will die before he compromises on his identity as a man.

This is all good, because this is all leverage.

You see, marketers have known these things for decades. And always they have used this knowledge to get rich. And I'm not judging them, really I'm not. The capitalist system is not the 'Great Satan' of our age.

But fun is like a groove into which humanity will flow.

And identity is like a wall that blocks that flow.

But remember children, Ciaran's first rule of philosophy.

There is no division in reality.

Which means that there is no contradiction between these two things.


If identity is like a wall that blocks flow, you can use it to channel people.

And if fun is like a groove, you can channel them wherever you want them to go.

So what if you channeled people into success? What if you channeled people into their own strength, and in doing so, unleashed the latent power of their humanity itself?

What if you used the energy of the riot to cut through it?

What if you used the structure of the matrix to shatter it?

The thing is, I'm just some dude, and so are you. Neither one of us has the strength to save the world.

But the world has the strength.

And because of fun and identity, you can channel the strength of the world.

And in doing so, you could, theoretically speaking, get it to save itself.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Eye Doesn't See Itself...

Hanging out with Tim makes me realise how much negativity I carry around with me.

That's not a bad thing.

I have a friend back home who thinks he's always really positive. His philosophy on life is that you should always find the positive, block out the negative and live to the fullest.

Sounds like a good philosophy, and it would be were it not for the fact that he's not a very happy guy a lot of the time. He just thinks he is.

That might sound like a terribly arrogant thing to say, and perhaps it is, but if you met him you'd know what I mean. He's the kind of guy with a raging temper, who's sense of moral condemnation is always poised on a hair trigger.

It's almost like he blanks out the negative even in himself, making him think he's happy when he spends 90% of his time complaining, criticizing or attacking something he hates.

He gets under my skin, as I'm sure you can see from this post.

The eye doesn't see itself, you see?

He can't see himself. Not really. And so who he thinks he is he sees through the same filters as the ones he uses to see the world. It's crazy, sometimes I think he's profoundly unhappy... but he has no idea. He thinks he's on top of the world.

The traps we build for ourselves, eh?

Why do I bring up my friend?

Well I'll tell you. Because he is my friend. I love that guy. Love him to death. He's an awesome dude, but he's awesome for none of the reasons he thinks he is.

The eye doesn't see itself.

I realise that I have carried a weight of negativity with me. I know this, and I guess at some level I've known it for a while.

But I only see myself through that negative filter because the negativity we carry with us is imbedded our very faculty of perception itself.

And this includes our self-perceptions.

So how could we know? How could I know that basically everything out of my mouth has some kind of critical aspect to it? Some form of bitchiness, of negativity?

I couldn't.

The eye doesn't see itself.

But then of course, there is a power that transcends this truth. The power of empathy.

And empathy, to me at least, means more than the sharing of feelings. It means the sharing of perspectives, and perspectives are everything.

The whole universe, seen from one certain perspective, is inches away from salvation and needs only a nudge.

How do I know this?

Because all perspectives exist.

And it seems that the process of self-actualization, sorting yourself out, becoming whole again, healing... call it what you will... is not in fact the process of changing your perpective for a better one.

It seems instead to be the process of fusing perspectives.

You see, all the identities that people agonise over, hate, love, desire, defend - they are all no more (and no less) than perpectives.

People often believe that changing their lives means abandoning their true essence - but this is not the case.

It is the broadening of your perception to allow you to occupy both perspectives simultaneously - and realise that in truth, there is only ever one perspective.


So... this thing with Tim. When I hang out with him I realise, not with self-loathing, but with genuine surprise, how pervasive my negativity is.

It's fascinating, because yesterday I simply had no idea and now I do.


You see, even though the eye does not see itself, the eye does not have to.

There are many perspectives walking around the world, and some of them are extremely close to the source of perspective itself, reality itself. Some people (not nearly enough, but they exist) look at the world and they don't have a filter of judgement.

They just see.

And when they look at you, they see you so clearly that you see yourself.

Which, God willing, is all you really need.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Cleanest Motherfucker In The Room

Huh. Fascinating.

Just had dinner with Tim. We had sushi in LA, darling. I feel so sophisticated.

I love LA. I've no idea what it is but the vibe of this place just climbs inside you. I went into Starbucks the other day and ordered a Tall Skinny Hazelnut Latte. It's started already.

I'm becoming a twat.

But Tim, yeah, crazy. Had big chats. He explained to me the core concepts of his upcoming superconference. I was humbled. Honestly.

I knew there was something different about him the first time I saw that fucker in Transformations. He just didn't seem to have any kind of conflict inside him, nothing.

Now I know why.

It's too late to go into detail, and besides, I need to think this one over, but what he's basically done is to devise a method of self-improvement that has no conflict in it whatsoever.

He's purged 'struggle' from the mix.

The thing is, we're all products of the process. Whatever process we put ourselves through forges us in it's own image. For old-school community-heads that often means a skull full of bad wiring, because there was so much negativity and bitterness back in the day.

Many people transform themselves through struggle, and succeed.

They fight to become good with women, and they get good with women.

But those who have fought to succeed have conflict woven into the very fabric of their new personalities... the personalities they fought so hard to forge.

And that's not to diss them - after all, they succeeded. I was one of them. No-one could have accused me of failing to get good with women.

But it was always there, seething below the surface, that conflict. Even now I can feel it.

Not with Tim. Tim's self esteem is cleaner than a pure mountain spring. It has a clarity to it, a shining purity that marks him out and the cleanest motherfucker in the room, regardless of what room he's in, or how long it's been since he showered.

It's weird, a part of me was worried I'd miss the 'magic'. That he wouldn't be able to explain what he'd done, or he wouldn't really be aware of it.

I needn't have worried. He knows his shit inside out, and he's slick... really slick at explaining it.

This is such a massive piece of the pie I'll devote a whole post to it in more detail when I'm not on the verge of unconsciousness.

Still, I feel very blessed to know this dude. If the lightning he has can be bottled, and I think it can... who knows what glory the future holds?


Sniffles, Tim, Transformations And What It Means To Discard Shit


I have a cold.

It's that or a flu or something. I'm in Los Angeles right now (woo!) but I'm stuck in a tiny little office (boo!) with no windows under florescent lighting for 9ish hours a day.

It's all good though, because I'm working on the marketing for what may be the most powerful self-help product ever released.

The Blueprint.

It's undeniably potent. This is the third time I've seen it now (twice live then this run through) and each time I see it I get hit at a deeper level.

I do love working for RSD.

But I have a cold.

This is not so bad, but I do need to pull my shit together. This weekend I'll be going on bootcamp with a guy who is, quite simply one of the most exciting teachers of which I am aware.

I speak of RSD's legendary Tim. He made his name from innumerate glowing reviews and articles, and then smashed it out of the ballpark with his now legendary 2 hour speech in the Transformations program.

But why do I bring this up on a blog about saving the world?

Well, I'll tell you.

Humanity, and reality itself, have a kind of 'fractal' quality to them.

That is to say that things do not change in their fundamental nature as they change in scale.

Personal transformation is something that once upon a time only existed in the marketing materials of NLP-inspired self-help seminars.

But now it's real.

I've done it. Everyone at RSD has done it. Moved from a place of darkness to a place of clarity and authenticity.

And there is no-one I've ever seen who's as clear and as authentic as our little Tim.

The man is like a shining beacon of holy light. That's why his Transformations speech was so potent - because the truth of it shone from him like the sun.

Amazing, I mean, just amazing.

It struck me so hard because I tend toward the darker side of things. It's probably why I get on with Jeffy so well - there's this part of me that's still wounded. Still twisted and jagged.

I buried it deep which seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I'm trying to resolve my internal issues in an industrial way it's a little annoying.

Pressure over time, Ciaran. Pressure over time.

Nonetheless, when I saw Tim I just felt awed by just how fucking clean the man's self-esteem is.

I mean, it's the cleanest I've ever seen. By miles. There just doesn't seem to be any of that darkness, that haughty edge, that impatience and emotional brutality that sometimes slips out of me from somewhere deep down.

So yesterday I met him for the first time, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. He really is like that in real life, and on top of that (or perhaps because of that) he's just a great guy to talk to.

He said two things which really struck me. He said firstly how grateful he was for every moment of his life.

And the second thing he said was this. When he teaches a guy, he sees the cool dude beneath the layers of self-hate. He sees that, and just moves toward that vision. Everything that isn't in that vision gets discarded.

That word stuck in my head. Discarded.


Because I've always been of the opinion that the negative should be fought and destroyed... but of course with retrospect this has never helped me. I just backwards-rationalised that it did.

What really made me good with girls were the things that I discarded. I discarded the tactics. I discarded trying to impress. I discarded having a set outcome for an encounter... and all of a sudden my encounters with women kept ending in sex.

Discarding something negative is the only way to fly. If you fight it, you've already lost because it's won the only battle that matters... convincing you that it's real.

If you discard it, you just discard that fucker and go about your day.


So last night I started to discard.

I would recommend it, as it seems to be working wonders.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

There Is No Division In Reality

So I'm reading the last post I put up. It's strange, there's definitely something not right in the way I'm thinking about this.

It's too shrill. Too 'questy'.

The problem with a quest is that all too often we do them so that we can be 'that guy'. You know, the romantic/tragic/epic hero.

And there's nothing wrong with romance, or tragedy or the epic... it's just that these are the things that can sneak in the back door of the mind and before you know it you're off compass, and your ego is fighting a losing battle against demons of it's own making.

The difficulty with saving the world is not, I'm starting to realise, that saving the world is really all that hard.

The world wants to sort itself out. The 'world', as we call it, is really nothing more than a massive group of people, and people are pretty straightforward creatures really.

They have huge reserves of compassion and decency, courage, love, hope and power.

The world can save itself. It's not like it doesn't have the manpower.

The problem, as I see it, lies in the fact that saving the world is a pretty trippy thing to try and do. It can fuck with your head very, very fast.

You can start to feel like you're on some kind of evangelical crusade, start to objectify the world into the things that help you and the the things that hold you back and all of a sudden you're just some arrogant prick with delusions of grandeur.

I know because I checked.

But there is a truth that goes beyond all this. And it is this truth:

There is no division in reality.

It's very simple. Reality isn't broken down into bite sized chunks we can analyze and interact with. We break it down into those chunks ourselves.

And we live in a world of chunks of things. And sometimes those chunks come into conflict.

Like the idea of saving the world and the idea that the human ego is a ravenous animal which will consume and destroy anyone attempting such a task.

It seems pretty intractable. Like the one thing could never reconcile itself with the other.

But it's not true. Why?

Because there is no division in reality.

And so even though I cannot see past this divide, not yet, I understand that this divide exists only as the crest of an electrochemical waveform in the lump of meat between my ears.

There is a way to transcend this division, and in doing so, save our species from itself.


And so it is....

Howdy people.

I've started this blog to explore some of my ideas about the world, life, and other such random inventions of the mind.

My interest is simple. I'm interested in finding out if there is a way to effect a mass transformation in the minds of the human race.

The kind of transformation I'd like to effect is pretty simple, and I'm sure you can guess.

Less conflict, more chilling.

Less hate, more hope.

Less horror and more humanity.

The only three things I guess this transformation must be is

a) Large scale,

b) Self-sustaining,


c) Permanent.

Now, you may say I'm a dreamer. And if you'd have caught me a while back, you'd have been right.

Right now though, I feel there's something there. Something more than moralism or drum-banging.

Something tangible that can be done. Something real.

It has many facets to it, and although there is a simplicity underlying the thing, I cannot see it all yet.

It has internal aspects to do with identifying and destroying the arrogances and insecurities within myself.

It has external aspects which involve breaking that transformation down into simple, mass-friendly chunks, then driving that into the market as a commercial enterprise.

But I sense that it can be done.

By 'it' I mean that I'm increasingly coming to think that it is possible to trigger a large scale (global, preferably), self-sustaining and self-amplifying process of change.

Maybe I'm wrong.

But if I'm right, I might be able to make enough money to buy that new diamond-studded loofah I've had my eye on, and do a lot of good doing it.

Anyway, it's late and I'm going to pass out now. I hope I don't forget about this blog in the morning.

I'm like that sometimes.