Tuesday, 15 January 2008

And so it is....

Howdy people.

I've started this blog to explore some of my ideas about the world, life, and other such random inventions of the mind.

My interest is simple. I'm interested in finding out if there is a way to effect a mass transformation in the minds of the human race.

The kind of transformation I'd like to effect is pretty simple, and I'm sure you can guess.

Less conflict, more chilling.

Less hate, more hope.

Less horror and more humanity.

The only three things I guess this transformation must be is

a) Large scale,

b) Self-sustaining,


c) Permanent.

Now, you may say I'm a dreamer. And if you'd have caught me a while back, you'd have been right.

Right now though, I feel there's something there. Something more than moralism or drum-banging.

Something tangible that can be done. Something real.

It has many facets to it, and although there is a simplicity underlying the thing, I cannot see it all yet.

It has internal aspects to do with identifying and destroying the arrogances and insecurities within myself.

It has external aspects which involve breaking that transformation down into simple, mass-friendly chunks, then driving that into the market as a commercial enterprise.

But I sense that it can be done.

By 'it' I mean that I'm increasingly coming to think that it is possible to trigger a large scale (global, preferably), self-sustaining and self-amplifying process of change.

Maybe I'm wrong.

But if I'm right, I might be able to make enough money to buy that new diamond-studded loofah I've had my eye on, and do a lot of good doing it.

Anyway, it's late and I'm going to pass out now. I hope I don't forget about this blog in the morning.

I'm like that sometimes.


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Rob said...

How do you intend going about this mass transformation Ciaran? Do you have actual products in mind? I have an idea for a picture book called "The Path to Englightment in under 5 minutes". Maybe we could co-author.