Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Apsen Baby!

So here I am in Aspen. Aspen times, baby!


It's epic, just awesome scenery. I've just eaten some pizza, and we're about to go out somewhere and eat.

I have three watches.

One of them simply states "Now".

One of them sports a Union Jack and displays the time in Britain.

One of them has a Superman logo and displays what a certain German fellow would refer to as 'Clock Time'.

They all have chunky leather straps and they're on one arm.

It looks like a huge leather bracer.


In other news, I need to buy some new jeans, as the crotch has worn out in these ones. I'm not wearing pants right now, and there's about 5 feet of snow outside.


Aspen! Woo! Aspen!

And that's all I got right now gents.

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