Monday, 21 January 2008

Blueprint Times Abound

Sweet mother of Christ, people.

You have no idea what my job involves.

The Blueprint Decoded seminar is probably the most sought after piece of machinery in the seduction community's history.

It's had a four year build up. FOUR YEARS.

That's not some marketing team with a graphics design team setting up a flashy ass waste of everybody's time so they can cash in on fame.

It's a different order of thing.

And that's what you have to realise about the Blueprint. It's a different order of thing.

It's a different kind of program, a different kind of seminar.

This is simultaneously the Magnum Opus of a man who's reputation has held steady in the face of some of the most extreme and damning criticism ever leveled at anyone, and a heartfelt plea to all men to rediscover their very humanity.

It is a blistering attack on falsehood that cuts to the very core mechanism of self-deception - and shatters it like glass on an anvil.

It is so transcendentally beyond anything that you've ever seen or heard before that to call it a 'seduction product' is, to my mind, almost funny.

But the truth is....

Damn. It will make you a star.

It will make you a superstar.

It will turn your head inside out, and when it's done, your life will be unrecognisably awesome.

It's like the pickup equivalent of Bruce Lee's Tao of Jeet Kune Do... except Lee never finished his masterpiece. Tyler did.

A scorching piece of work that hits harder and harder each time you watch it, wrenching you out of the matrix of conceptual bullshit and rooting you into reality like a pillar of steel driven 500 miles into the floor.

Such an incredible display of honesty, authenticity and humanity that it leaves all criticism of the man splintered like matchwood in a tornado.

We're all going to be famous.

That is to say... Tyler is going to be famous enough for everyone.

It might not happen immediately, but it will happen.

You'll see.


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