Monday, 28 January 2008

Cultivate Power

I am shortly to depart the snowy mountains of Colorado.

It is a beautiful place, with scenery so epic that no painting or picture could ever be more than a shadow of the majesty of nature.

And nature is an interesting thing, is it not? As I was snowboarding down Buttermilk Mountain I stopped, casting my eyes across the silent grandeur of the mountains ahead.

I looked at my glove, and closer at the minute flakes of powdery snow that covered it, and it got me thinking.

No two snowflakes are alike, they say.

And no two mountains are the same.

But in a way, snowflakes and mountains are identical.

You see, the quality of difference is a quality everything shares. Everything is exactly different, exactly unique.

Infinitely different.

There is a quality of infinity to all things that never disappears, no matter how close we look, nor how far away we stand.

That shifting infinity though - it is not a uniform thing. The underlying infinity of reality itself forms and reforms always, and never loses cohesion.

And just as one form may disappear - a snowflake, a mountain or a man, that quality of infinity which is present in all things... which is the true nature of all things... remains just as a wave can collapse without destroying the ocean.

What is this awareness that I feel? What is it?

Because I'll tell you what it feels like - it feels as if I'm tapping into that shifting infinity, and that the shifting infinity is the ocean upon which the 'waves' exist.

Could it be that the human brain is not a processor, but in truth a kind of transmitter that hooks up our animal forms directly to the shifting infinity of the quantum universe itself?

It seems to me that the true challenge of the modern human condition lies in managing to escape the linear processing which the human brain is poor at, and instead use our brains as they 'want' to be used... as organic pattern-recognition quantum computing devices.

This process does not require any thought or any effort, and it massively accelerates the power of you as an individual in every circumstance you can imagine yourself in.

Professional, personal, social, sexual... whatever.

To begin to undermine the 'analytical compulsion' which is the bane of all living humans is to instantly awaken a level of personal power which is quite simply indescribably potent.

This power will allow you to charm, to command. To understand, to realize. To experience life at a pitch and intensity that you'd never believe possible, and to generate lighting reflexes for seeing, and seizing, opportunities that will make your life into something approaching a Hollywood movie script.

What's interesting to me is that most people who find this truth simply 'Zen-out' on a mountain top, or smoke pot and say Om.

Fuck that.

What I propose is that anyone who wishes to live a life of glory throws themselves into honing their Zen as they would hone a sword to a razor edge.

Let us kick something off, and deploy enlightenment like a nuclear assault on the very foundations of fear, hate and arrogance.

Just remember, people.

It begins at home.

Get yourself in order. Begin your training.

Cultivate power.

Cultivate the power of reality itself.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, this is, 100% serious, the best thing I've ever seen written. Seriously stuff, quotes that I feel could go down in and truth here; so don't deny the Da Vinci quality in your writing ;). It's there man.


I've begin to relate to this thing...2 nights ago, I couldn't sleep, and I've just watched Alan Watts...thinking..."omg.........we were given billions of years of problem solving excellence, solving REAL problems AS THEY ARE...and we don't do that but use our brain power
to come up with new ones, useless ones". That made me fucking think and gave me a clarity like never before that I DO have all that is needed; that learning is only "being unlocked" and that learning myself wouldn't happen and IF it did wouldn't make any difference since the knowledge, infinite intelligence, is already SO vast.

Before it was: "Guy says trust your gut, sounds good..can't say I've felt it made THAT huge a difference" but that was because I SEEKED intelligence. Did not tune in...did not TRUST. TRust is 100%. Trust is stopping thinking to enter brilliance; and that's where we have to go..


phantom~ said...

highly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Are you fucking serious? This is EMPTY RHETORIC. There is nothing here that amounts to anything more than broad, hollow syllables with no practical value whatsoever. You are a gifted wordsmith Sir, but anyone not involved in marketing or the authoring of self-help paperbacks could surely see this for what it is- emptiness itself! You don't save the world by tapping at a keyboard or declaring yourself free, or saved... show me the practical good in what you write, otherwise accept that this blog is nothing but hero-worship and verbal onanism.

Anonymous said...

dude keep it up I read this constantly

Atmosphere said...

"What's interesting to me is that most people who find this truth simply 'Zen-out' on a mountain top, or smoke pot and say Om.

Fuck that."

Yes why not Ciaran. Why not make the choice to avoid the truth? Let us lose ourselves in this social matrix forever. Let us pretend that we are making a difference. Let us feed our ego and make ourselves hideously wealthy. Let us forget why we felt pain in the first place, and in doing so recreate it indefinitely.

It is like the eyes that see, but cannot see themself.

Anonymous said...

"could surely see this for what it is- emptiness itself!" ...And that's the fucking POINT.

You're lost: Look at yourself man, without judging.

Can you do that? Look at YOURSELF? Who ARE you?

Anonymous said...

"could surely see this for what it is- emptiness itself!" ...And that's the fucking POINT.

Yes. Stop looking for something. Something to categorize, compare or judge. The bottom line is that it is impossible to 'describe' it. Words can be used to point you toward the truth within yourself but words are nothing more than guides towards other things. To use the old addage, the word honey isn't honey. You can only know honey when you let go of your hangups and word-associative cautions about trying something that you haven't tried - and taste the fucking honey.

When it comes down to it - big mr 'i know my marketing and think i'm cool' - there is nothing that is absolutely true. Everything is based on concepts and other beliefs that are essentially nothing more than a perspective. a perspective is, by its very nature, limited and therefore nothing is absolute truth. Trust that feeling that it is right. That's what Ciaran is describing in this article. Don't try to understand it. Don't try to be it. Just be it. let go of the hangups and GET what is being said.

Solid gold, you alchemist you.

Amir said...

Hi Ciaran

Interesting thoughts you're having there, a lot of them feel very familiar. I've been in to Zen and theravada Buddhism for about 7-8 months and its bliss beyond description.
Doesn't really sound that way, the way you're writing. Sounds more like you're torturing your way towards I don't what the heck you actually want.
I've listened to a lot of Alan Watt's and Robert Anton Wilson's talks and THEY are brilliant. You're obviously very bright and way better then me at putting your elaborate thoughts in to words (at least in english). But I feel thats not really doing you any good, is it? Anyway, if you haven't yet checked out Alan Watts or Robert Anton Wilson, I realy recomend it to you. They bring across what I'm about to sum up, a lot better then I ever could.
My main problem with your attitude is that its so damn dark and pessimistic. I've been in to pick up for a while and am at a point where its fun and not really that important to me anymore. I can understand your concerns though, they are certainly valid but only part of the puzzle. The point with pick up, zen and whatever is to not deal with it in such a deadly serious way as you are.
Nuclear bomb of whatever? Chill out man. I'm all about enthusiasm, but this has desperation, clinging and unskillfullness (in a Zen-sense) written all over it. Once you become a bit more playfull with your ego, life, perceptions..etc. you won't feel the need for this kind of stuff. I know it sounds stupid, but seriously or playfully, just chill out man. Maybe if I was talking to you face to face I could convey what I mean.
Anyway, I'm losing track of what the heck I'm actually trying to say here, but who cares.
Oh ps: why don't you go on retreat and do some serious meditating, I hear that never hurts.

Anyway, take care