Sunday, 27 January 2008

Six Billion Lies Competing For Attention

Ok, here's the plan.

I write a book. It doesn't need to be Da Vinci. It just needs to be slicker than average, and to get a case across.

The book will argue the following case.

There are two fundamental levels to what we experience.

There's the fictional level, the level of concepts and thoughts, the level of value judgments and black and white distinctions.

There is also another level of reality, which is basically just reality.

Now, we are born into the first world, the fictional world. It is imbedded in our psyche as it was embedded in the psyche of our parents and all our ancestors stretching back to the dawn of self-delusion.

The crazy thing is, we know it's fictional. Or at least, since the middle of the 20th century we've known it.

The alienation of youth - something we assume is universal and normal, is actually neither. It's a very specific historical phenomenon that began around the end of the 1950's and has continued until the present day.


Because before television and radio and mass communication the cultures into which we were born were the only ones we knew. The viewpoints of our parents were the only ones we had.

The psychological cohesion of the fictional worlds into which we were born were absolute.

But not now.

From the 1950's onward we've been increasingly bombarded with information which has made each of us aware of a wider world around us, of people who do not think as we think, or believe as we believe.

And no matter how strong the fictional world we are born into appears to be, even one atom of doubt can do it terrible damage... for after all, it is simply not real.

You see, the fictional world is rigid. It is one of rigid value systems and rigid structures. Perhaps the truth is that in a world where wealth, power and information shift so quickly, all rigid structures will always fall.



Let them fall.

Because here we are now at the tail end of the postmodern age, at the twilight of subjectivity.

This fictional world has fallen in on itself, and fiction now consumes fiction... and it is universally accepted by all who enjoy even a whisper of wisdom that money is not the answer, and that product is not the answer, and that status is not the answer.

A crisis point is being reached.

And it is this.

In order to compete with the consumer products of yesteryear, the next generation of consumer products must have all new bells and whistles on them.

There is a kind of zero-sum game going on in this Capitalist world in which we live.

Luxuries are competing against each other for our attention and our money.

And in doing so, they are becoming more outlandish, more potent, more extreme.

This process is accelerating all the time in rate and scale. It has no upward limit. It is, essentially, a feedback loop.


All feedback loops, left unchecked, shatter their boundaries. If you leave a mic next to an amp and allow that screech of feedback to increase indefinitely, something is going to blow.

Some fuse is going to pop, somewhere, and the whole system will cease to function.

The feedback loop of consumerism is screeching at such a powerful and overwhelming volume that it is awakening mass numbers of human beings from their unthinking slumber.

Nowhere, at any time in the past, have there been so many people snapping out of the mindset of the 'herd' and looking around them. Looking around and seeing nothing.




The howling terror that comes with the realisation that we are all slaves to a machine of our own design.

The grinding crunch of the realisation that there is no conspiracy. There is no Big Brother, no hidden governments pulling the strings.

There are no strings.

There's just six billion different lies competing for attention.

I am always buoyed up when I hear of the massive numbers of people suffering from clinical depression.

It makes me smile.


Because I know from bitter experience that the phenomenon that medics refer to as clinical depression is very often the awakening of a true understanding that the world in which we live and die is a fiction with no meaning.

Jarring, isn't it?


Well that's because from the point of view of the fictional worlds into which we are born, their collapse means the collapse of all personal meaning and significance.

No, I'm still talking way too abstract.

From the point of view of the fictional world of meaning that you have woven into the fabric of your psyche itself, the fact that you can't get rid of the doubt that you feel about the very life you live is fatal to your ability to operate in the world.

The death of the lies that you rely on to navigate your way through the chaos of existence renders you crippled.

The destruction of that fiction which is the very ground beneath your feet and the realisation of it's totally delusional nature is shattering, crippling and extremely painful.

Now let me be clear.

I'm not trying to argue away your beliefs.

What I'm saying is this.

Your beliefs are doomed.

They cannot survive. They simply do not have the strength to hold together under the relentless pressure of the world in which we live without you totally retreating into your own mind and blocking your ears to all evidence to the contrary.

And sure, some people will do that. And it is so tempting to look at those who retreat further into delusion and say "humanity is weak, and thus is doomed." And many say such things.

But I do not.

For I am not looking at those who retreat deeper into slumber.

I am looking at those who are emerging, tentatively and painfully, into the light of day.

You see, there is an inescapable natural justice to the affairs of men that is totally implacable, and has nothing to do with morality.

It cannot be cheated, and will instigate a terrible, and rapid vengeance if you try.

But it also rewards massively. The rewards are huge and immediate, and grow exponentially with time.

I'll talk more of this later, but for now, simply think on this.

Fiction has no power. Not in and of itself. A man may invest himself in a fiction by a process of self-delusion, arrogance and fear, but the only power that fiction has is the power that man gives it.


Because that man is real.

He invests a fiction with his reality, and can, if he believes it strongly enough and others are weak enough, reorder the world in his image.


It is still a fiction, and as such, it is still rigid and artificial - and thus it is still doomed.

It will fall. All things that stand, fall.

But what if a man, instead of building a new fiction from the ruins of his old world view, instead dedicted himself to cultivating that connection with reality itself?

What if he left behind all fiction, and worked ceaselessly to break himself from the 'matrix'?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human authority?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human wisdom?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human beauty?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human honour?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human strength?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human clarity?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human genius?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all human success?

What power could a man have if he was connected always to the source of all humanity?

You see, there are two worlds which you experience every single day.

The first world is the world that your school, university or job tells you is real. The world that television tells you is real. The world that advertising tells you is real.

The world of consumerism, of insecurity, of arrogance and hate, of 'moral crusades' and 'moral judgments' that further divide a divided planet.

The world of what you should and shouldn't do. How you should and shouldn't feel. Who you should and shouldn't be.

And then, on the flip side, you have this moment, right now. This second you're living in which flows like the crest of a wave, which never began and never ends.

And those of us who have chosen to leave behind all fiction strive daily to cultivate that connection with the wavefront of the only moment you'll ever know - this one.

There are many ways to cultivate that - I myself have been reading up on Zen, and I'll continue to do so, and to look for and explore anything else that looks promising.

I think of it like learning to surf.

But the point is this - there is an inescapable natural justice to the affairs of men.

And that means that we do not need to win any arguments to save the world.

We do not need to fight in order to win.

All we need to do... and this is very simple... is to work that one muscle. That one thing - connection with reality itself.

Because once we have developed this to a significant degree, I have the feeling that we will be able to transcend the problems that, right now, seem intractable.

So, what I'm going to do is put together a book which gives concrete ways of getting... and supercharging... that link with reality.

It will be very simple to sell because the raw power of such an approach makes most self-help look childishly weak. This shit can revolutionize your life in a matter of days, if properly applied... and properly delivered.

As such, I'll make a shitload of cash and be able to afford that new diamond-studded loofah I've been looking at.

And, as an incidental side effect, we'll kick off a process that can save the world.


G said...

Great Stuff Ciaran i love reading your posts and your blog bro. I just read The Power Of Now and all i can say is this post is helping me glue together what all this being authentic, being at one and connected to the present state is all about. Keep up the good work bro.

Anonymous said...

Kick ass post. Love it.

Fullcrum said...

This is amazing.

I'm 16 and I love every word you say - it speaks of truth!

I know I'll be buying your book.

finixhz said...

I will definitely buy your book, and share it with as many people as I can. In fact, I would buy every single post of yours if I could.

This post reminded me of a book which talks about one way to transcend all fiction and connect with reality just by being honest, radically honest. I want to recommend it to any reader of this blog. It's called RADICAL HONESTY, by Brad Blanton.

It's radical, it's good.

Xero said...

Your Kung fu is strong.....

Freelancer said...

I'll fucking buy a dozen books from you so I get to distribute them to family and such.

Looking forward to that mate.

Anonymous said...

Nice !

Your blog is mandatory reading for me.

Hey , i want to recommend a book :

Authenticity by Gilmore and Pine-

A marketing book.

It talks about the evolution of the market. Several stages.
4- Experience Economy
5- Transformations-

The authors enumerate a list of actions you can use to convey authenticity in each. It is highly relevant to RSD, especialy the last stage . Also expands your awareness of the influence of advertising.

To your success.

Anonymous said...

awesome. will buy it. when is the release date?

Jedi said...

Absolutely fcuking brilliant. Genius.

Now go write that fcuking book!!...

DrunkJohn said...

When you're ready to start drafting that book, let me know.

Atmosphere said...

The best book I have found to date that attempts what you describe is :

Undoing Yourself with Energized Meditation: The Split Brain Conspiracy: With Energized Meditation and Other Devices (Paperback)
by Christopher S. Hyatt (Author)

The downside to this book is that some people think that it is a joke. Hopefully, you can circumvent this issue somehow. As far as I can see, it is your biggest hurdle.

Jameel said...

This shouldn't take you too long..

I'll grab a copy, signed please..