Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Sniffles, Tim, Transformations And What It Means To Discard Shit


I have a cold.

It's that or a flu or something. I'm in Los Angeles right now (woo!) but I'm stuck in a tiny little office (boo!) with no windows under florescent lighting for 9ish hours a day.

It's all good though, because I'm working on the marketing for what may be the most powerful self-help product ever released.

The Blueprint.

It's undeniably potent. This is the third time I've seen it now (twice live then this run through) and each time I see it I get hit at a deeper level.

I do love working for RSD.

But I have a cold.

This is not so bad, but I do need to pull my shit together. This weekend I'll be going on bootcamp with a guy who is, quite simply one of the most exciting teachers of which I am aware.

I speak of RSD's legendary Tim. He made his name from innumerate glowing reviews and articles, and then smashed it out of the ballpark with his now legendary 2 hour speech in the Transformations program.

But why do I bring this up on a blog about saving the world?

Well, I'll tell you.

Humanity, and reality itself, have a kind of 'fractal' quality to them.

That is to say that things do not change in their fundamental nature as they change in scale.

Personal transformation is something that once upon a time only existed in the marketing materials of NLP-inspired self-help seminars.

But now it's real.

I've done it. Everyone at RSD has done it. Moved from a place of darkness to a place of clarity and authenticity.

And there is no-one I've ever seen who's as clear and as authentic as our little Tim.

The man is like a shining beacon of holy light. That's why his Transformations speech was so potent - because the truth of it shone from him like the sun.

Amazing, I mean, just amazing.

It struck me so hard because I tend toward the darker side of things. It's probably why I get on with Jeffy so well - there's this part of me that's still wounded. Still twisted and jagged.

I buried it deep which seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I'm trying to resolve my internal issues in an industrial way it's a little annoying.

Pressure over time, Ciaran. Pressure over time.

Nonetheless, when I saw Tim I just felt awed by just how fucking clean the man's self-esteem is.

I mean, it's the cleanest I've ever seen. By miles. There just doesn't seem to be any of that darkness, that haughty edge, that impatience and emotional brutality that sometimes slips out of me from somewhere deep down.

So yesterday I met him for the first time, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. He really is like that in real life, and on top of that (or perhaps because of that) he's just a great guy to talk to.

He said two things which really struck me. He said firstly how grateful he was for every moment of his life.

And the second thing he said was this. When he teaches a guy, he sees the cool dude beneath the layers of self-hate. He sees that, and just moves toward that vision. Everything that isn't in that vision gets discarded.

That word stuck in my head. Discarded.


Because I've always been of the opinion that the negative should be fought and destroyed... but of course with retrospect this has never helped me. I just backwards-rationalised that it did.

What really made me good with girls were the things that I discarded. I discarded the tactics. I discarded trying to impress. I discarded having a set outcome for an encounter... and all of a sudden my encounters with women kept ending in sex.

Discarding something negative is the only way to fly. If you fight it, you've already lost because it's won the only battle that matters... convincing you that it's real.

If you discard it, you just discard that fucker and go about your day.


So last night I started to discard.

I would recommend it, as it seems to be working wonders.


oris said...

FIrst Comment YAY.
Dude Ima blow some moke up your ass. I''m a big fan of yours, its great to read someone so raw so honest adn who kows what he is talkign about. The 2 people i listen to the most in this community is you and TD.
Well dude rock on!!!

Matt said...

Great breakdown!!!

It reminds me of "chipping away at your self" to reveal the cool dude within....

Don't fight the pieces, just let them flow away, forget them.

Occam said...

Hmmm, value... Tasty.

Just out trolling the net for some late night enlightenment. This sounds very similar to Alex's new term from my bootcamp 'Manning Down'

Becoming authentic is a subtractive process, not additive. Understanding it intellectually... hoping I can actually get the change.