Tuesday, 15 January 2008

There Is No Division In Reality

So I'm reading the last post I put up. It's strange, there's definitely something not right in the way I'm thinking about this.

It's too shrill. Too 'questy'.

The problem with a quest is that all too often we do them so that we can be 'that guy'. You know, the romantic/tragic/epic hero.

And there's nothing wrong with romance, or tragedy or the epic... it's just that these are the things that can sneak in the back door of the mind and before you know it you're off compass, and your ego is fighting a losing battle against demons of it's own making.

The difficulty with saving the world is not, I'm starting to realise, that saving the world is really all that hard.

The world wants to sort itself out. The 'world', as we call it, is really nothing more than a massive group of people, and people are pretty straightforward creatures really.

They have huge reserves of compassion and decency, courage, love, hope and power.

The world can save itself. It's not like it doesn't have the manpower.

The problem, as I see it, lies in the fact that saving the world is a pretty trippy thing to try and do. It can fuck with your head very, very fast.

You can start to feel like you're on some kind of evangelical crusade, start to objectify the world into the things that help you and the the things that hold you back and all of a sudden you're just some arrogant prick with delusions of grandeur.

I know because I checked.

But there is a truth that goes beyond all this. And it is this truth:

There is no division in reality.

It's very simple. Reality isn't broken down into bite sized chunks we can analyze and interact with. We break it down into those chunks ourselves.

And we live in a world of chunks of things. And sometimes those chunks come into conflict.

Like the idea of saving the world and the idea that the human ego is a ravenous animal which will consume and destroy anyone attempting such a task.

It seems pretty intractable. Like the one thing could never reconcile itself with the other.

But it's not true. Why?

Because there is no division in reality.

And so even though I cannot see past this divide, not yet, I understand that this divide exists only as the crest of an electrochemical waveform in the lump of meat between my ears.

There is a way to transcend this division, and in doing so, save our species from itself.



Matt said...


What a great post I truly enjoyed it...

2 Things I would like to mention.

Your idea of 1 reality and how humans 'chunk' it into many different chunks and versions, is very profound.

My friend and yours, Alan Watts talks about the very same concept in a very clear way...

He says that reality and existence or the Dao if you may, is all a big wiggle... If you want to picture it, think of a wiggly line... ~~~~~~~~~ It goes in all directions, but is one continuous wiggle.

Now humans, and the ego put a grid over the wiggle. They box it off and say "this wiggle is this big and this size" and "this wiggle is this". So they take the beauty and continuousness of life, the wiggle and box it down, divide it up into things the meat in between the ears can understand. But really, its all 1 big wiggle.

I hope that made some sense lol.

We are part of the wiggle, and the wiggle does as it pleases. The ego is part of it too. So your not being an evangelical crusader, you are part of the wiggle that is going to make dramatic, positive changes in the world...

John said...

The quest thing is very attractive. Its what we are brought up to beleive in through books and movies. I know I'm seduced by it, probably why I'm seduced by you.

But I think maybe its a childish idea and an ego driven concept that we chould disgard. All that "Grab your gun soldier don't you know their a war on." is a bit silly really.