Saturday, 19 January 2008

Channel The Flow...

We're like fun junkies. We'll do anything if it's fun. We'll sit all day hammering plastic buttons to shoot fictional creatures with fictional guns because it's fun. We'll inject chemicals into our veins because it's fun. We'll waste our whole lives because watching TV is more fun right now than working toward the glorious fun times we could have in the future.

We'll protect our identities like we protect our crack habits. A man will walk through fire, will punch a man in the face, will kill and will die before he compromises on his identity as a man.

This is all good, because this is all leverage.

You see, marketers have known these things for decades. And always they have used this knowledge to get rich. And I'm not judging them, really I'm not. The capitalist system is not the 'Great Satan' of our age.

But fun is like a groove into which humanity will flow.

And identity is like a wall that blocks that flow.

But remember children, Ciaran's first rule of philosophy.

There is no division in reality.

Which means that there is no contradiction between these two things.


If identity is like a wall that blocks flow, you can use it to channel people.

And if fun is like a groove, you can channel them wherever you want them to go.

So what if you channeled people into success? What if you channeled people into their own strength, and in doing so, unleashed the latent power of their humanity itself?

What if you used the energy of the riot to cut through it?

What if you used the structure of the matrix to shatter it?

The thing is, I'm just some dude, and so are you. Neither one of us has the strength to save the world.

But the world has the strength.

And because of fun and identity, you can channel the strength of the world.

And in doing so, you could, theoretically speaking, get it to save itself.


Sean Messenger said...

Hey man, this is Sean Messenger (former Head Coach at PU101 and founder of new crazy venture LVO3). I want to tell you that I'm a huge fan of your perspective, and I've been telling everyone I know about not just the Shock and Awe opener, but telling them to try it and think about what it says about their lives, their beliefs, and their potential future.

Beer's on me when I finally make it to Edinburgh, bro.



Anonymous said...

Messenger, you dorky kiss ass