Wednesday, 20 February 2008

So I'm off in Portland, in Oregon. It's the birthplace of grunge, I hear.


I haven't posted on this blog in a little while because I've been

a) Busy
b) Thinking
c) Having fun.

I guess the big news is that I'm now single. I broke up with a lovely young lady, and although it wasn't ideal, I feel it was for the best.

The other big news?

I went to Paris Hilton's birthday (no, really).

I experienced the full power of the nimbus.

Oh, and I may have found the answer.

Yes, the actual answer. To the question that drives us, Neo. You know the question, as I did.

How can I save the world?

Well friends, you'll find out soon enough. Stay posted.

1 comment:

Freelancer said...

Hurry up already with Neo.

Drop the bomb. :D