Thursday, 10 April 2008

Another Gem From The Nation

This time by a goodly fellow named Cyrus.

"When you realize that the moment is “the only thing that ever exists,” you’re like “nice… you can shut up now, hippy.” But thinking of it in this way totally changed my perspective: the moment is the only thing that you can ever CONTROL. When you want to be awesome, and you want to live fully, and experience everything to the greatest extent, and you want to be who you want to be… the only way you can do this is by BEING IN THE MOMENT COMPLETELY, ALL THE TIME. If you only do this socially and not by yourself, you’ll feel like a lie. You have to live in this way. That’s how you get in touch with your higher self."

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Do You Really Want Pity?

To our deepest core, our cells will reward us for driving ourselves beyond the limits of all endurance.

Do you really want pity?

When you whine - do you really want pity?


That whining voice, that complaining voice that reminds you of all your circumstances and all the things that hold you back - WOULD YOU REALLY WANT THAT VOICE ANSWERED?

Even if life responded in full to that voice, what would it give you?

It would comfort you. Comfort you, and pity you.

Do you really want pity?

Honestly, do you?

What's the best thing that whining could get you? Comfort and pity!

Do you want either!?

Can you not think of anything greater than comfort, or anything better than pity?

Comfort? Pity?

What is that whining voice asking for other than your mother to pick you up and hug you because you grazed your knee!

Are you a child!?



Glory and AWE!

Fuck your comfort! I want GLORY!

Fuck your pity! I want your AWE!

You will stand in awe of me one day, looking at me shocked and just saying "how in the living fuck have you done what you've done?"

As children we hungered for pity and comfort.

As adults we still do.

We need to remind ourself that pity and comfort are of no use to us.

I do not want comfort. I want glory.

And I will never, ever need pity, no matter how much damage I have taken, no matter how wronged I have been or am being, no matter how much shit I've gone through or am going through or face in my future.

No pity, not from you. Not from anyone.

I have no use for your pity. And I have no use for your approval.

Glory. Awe.

Everything else is irrelevant.

Monday, 7 April 2008

PAIN Is The Way

This is a post pulled from RSD Nation by a guy called Sanik. Thought I'd share.


FIRST: The Paradox of the paradox, WITHIN the paradox.

At first it doesnt seem to make sense, whats the chasm between a doofus and pimp, between a guy whos stifled and cant speak his mind and a guy who just can let loose and flow with the moment.

Its been said, Hes stuck in his head.He just doesnt know what to sayHe doesnt have an idea of who he is.Doesnt know his boundariesHe lacks the center.

What shapes and molds a boy into a man? I think thats a more important question rather then the nerd into the natural.


PAIN, THE SCARS OF EXPERIENCE. The tissue becomes stronger, you become stronger. you evolve.


Pain is the chisel and the hammer on the stone of the self. PAIN if what defines strength. A man is the measure of how much pain he endures and pushes past.


All growth is preceded by and accomplished by great deals of what? say it with me... PAIN, SUFFERING, FRUSTRATION, RESISTANCE, OBSTACLES.

What does a man do, as all the forces of the world push against him, what does a man do when all that stands in his way is pain. He accepts its challenge, he accepts its ravaging impact.

Pain is the great teacher, its a teacher that I have resisted for a long time, in the pursuit of instant gratification and pleasure. In my case its taken a lot of looping my thoughts over the same thing again and again.

its taken me hanging out in different sub cultures, getting into spirituality and meditation but even the so called spiritualists a great deal of them are avoiding pain.

The difference between a natural and someone who is always frustrated is because they are not approaching life as what it is, A GREAT DEAL OF PAIN, OBSTACLES TO BE OVERCOME and CHALLENGE.

So they accept the lesser pain, and build upon that the rationalizations and the judgements to prove themselves right.

But like a mentor told me the best way to approach life is HEAD ON and by approaching life head on and moving with its flow DESPITE the obstacles you become in alignment with the world. And as soon as you become alignment with the world you become in alignment with yourself and vice versa

For what is the world with you the experiencer? Does the world exist independent of you and your mind? does it have any realness besides the reality of the filters of your perceptions, your beliefs and labels, your ways of holding up your world. Think carefully about this and you will know it to be so that you are the creator of your reality PERIOD.

The centeredness and the trust of knowing yourself is the best the you could strive for and achieve, that of course on side with all worldly goals and accomplishments but it is the center, the core of yourself, the truth that you come to by only going deeper into yourself that you find your true nature.

Its the pushing through of pain, blasting through each concentric ring until you get to the center of the self, which is the place where the moment happens, the place where you observe and are detached YET completely involved in the motions of the world.

As that comes upon your, your going to realize.. as the mind is lazy, as the body is lazy so your going to get to start doing athletics because that would be in alignment with your goals of becoming a better man...

Take me for example, im back in Kung Fu now 5 days a week, as a hobby I have taken up FREE RUNNING, have you ever seen those guys that jump from roof to roof and scale fences, its the art of conquering obstacles in your enviornment, its a very philisophical sport!

Im getting stronger, more awake, feeling more centered, I dont chase woman now, woman appear out of thin air!! they want to be with you, not because of the clever things you say or whatever bullshit you think but because of your INHERENT STRENGTH OF MASCULINITY.

The power that comes to you of onlly BEING A MAN and what happens you BE A MAN. YOU BECOME [I]THE MAN[/I]

So in its utterlly naked simplicity what I have learned and come to as this


Their is no other way but the gateway of pain and how it will sculpt you and your mind, how your attitudes will change, do you think I learned about pick up from PURE PLEASURE.
NO IT FUCKING SUCKED SO HARD. The frustration at times was unbelievable yet at the same time completely achievable.

The key is knowing that its up to you and because its up to you, you have to know that you can do it, that you can face the pain head on and face it again and again except pain never goes away, it only becomes stronger but in the face of pain you push against it even though pain will ultimatly destroy you, its nature will consume you because PAIN is just the hand of death but through pain your will recognize the truth of your life. The truth of the beauty of yourself and of your gift of being a man in this world

Im beginning to think that we can accomplish anything!! CARPE DIEM!!!!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Crucible

This is chaos, and fire, and hell.

This is where you find it, where you find the darkness that's been lurking beneath the surface for all your life.

This is the crucible where all lies die.

For you can lie to yourself when you're sitting in front of your computer. You can lie to yourself when you're on your Xbox 360 destroying fictional aliens with a fictional gun. You can believe that you're the man, that you're the hero. And it is a happy fiction.

But out there, out in the field, you have nothing to hide behind. You have you, the club, and the truth.

One of the things that really fires me up and drives me to get this shit handled is the truth that I am nowhere near as powerful as I tell myself I am.

That for everything I've done, and for everything I'm doing, there is something about a beautiful woman that strips me down to that place we each of us know so well. That place that some call insecurity, and some call fear.

How lucky are we to have a war! To have a battleground and an arena that each of us, as men can stand inside and fight!

How blessed are we to find that place a hundred times a day - that two feet of space in front of beauty, that moment that destroys us.

That is where we each belong. In that moment, there is truth. We face it with the moral simplicity of a soldier, and we are blessed for that.

And the glory is not in the prize, although the prize is beyond compare.

The glory is in that moment where we walk unshielded into that crucible and hold inside it until it feels as if our hearts would break.

The glory is in that moment of defiance, and not defiance of injustice, and not defiance of loneliness - but in defiance of despair.

In defiance of despair we shine like the sun.

When we step up and into that crucible, into the place where all lies die we find out, perhaps for the first time, who we really, really are.

And we are shocked by that weakness.

And we are moved by it.

And we are driven by it.

And there is the glory, that one moment where you stand alone before all your fears, and all your fears rain down upon you, and you hold and throw whatever you've got against it. And whatever you've got fails.

And you break.

And you hate yourself.

And somewhere, as you fall, some part of you reaches out and grabs a hold of something...

And you stand again. And you walk back, once more into the crucible because that is where you forge a self that is stronger than steel, harder than diamond and smoother than silk.

If you want to know how strong you are, the following words will give you a taste. They were spoken by the leader of a bankrupt nation with defeated armies, a nation that had watched it's allies crumble like ashes before the greatest military power that had ever arisen on the earth.

"We shall go on to the end.

We shall fight in France.

We shall fight on the seas and oceans.

We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air.

We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be.

We shall fight on the beaches.

We shall fight on the landing grounds.

We shall fight in the fields and in the streets.

We shall fight in the hills.

We shall never surrender."

Make no mistake about it, this will tear your heart in a thousand ways. You will meet women you would die for, and women you would kill for. You will see glory that you never dreamed of, and see whole vistas of humiliation that you never knew could even exist.

And if you hold fast through all the chaos, and do not compromise who you are, no matter what the temptation to cheat in this way or that... IF YOU HOLD YOUR INTEGRITY....

Then you will walk on this earth like a juggernaut of incorruptible power.

And you will blaze like a beacon of holy light.

A beacon that fuses true goodness with true power.

Take yourself with you on this journey.

Take those parts of you that say "I will not sleep with a girl who's not 100% into me."

Take those parts of you that say "I will not stoop to stealing a woman off another man, because I do not need to stoop - and I will never need to stoop again."

Take those parts of you that say "I will never compromise on what I know is right."

Do not lose that part of you that still believes in the greatness and the goodness of man - and of yourself.

Do not cheat yourself on this. Be the man you know you are - have the principles you already have...

But place those principles... and yourself... into the crucible. Burn.



And blaze.

And if you have the strength within you, if you can find it somewhere inside, then you - yes, YOU - can be the light that shines in the darkness.

You can BE the proof that man does not need to compromise in order to succeed.

A man is nothing if left unforged.