Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Blog

Yes, that's right, there's a new blog for you all to add to your RSS feeds.

It's entitled 1000 Days Of Presence. You'll see why when you read it at


Thank you everyone who's made this blog more interesting than average. I feel it's time to lay it to rest.

The new one is a diary of a project I'm embarking on. I'll be updating it as regularly as time permits. Anyone who tells a friend about the 1000 Days Of Presence project or posts about it on any blog or internet website officially gets a "cyberhug" from me. This is like cybersex, but less soggy.

If you like the new angle, pass it around. All of the people who've signed up for email updates for this blog I'll try to transfer you onto the next one. I am something of a techno-retard though, so this may take a while. As soon as I find an email signup widget (!?) that works on wordpress where my new blog is I'll stick it up and you can enter your details in there.

I'm going to try not moderating the comments on the new blog, although I'm aware there are some scary ass weirdoes out there who trawl the internet looking for things to swear at. We'll see how it goes.

Remember - the new blog is at


If you like what you see take the link, post it wherever you can. All support is greatly appreciated.

Much love, and thanks again to everyone who's submitted. Deep apologies for not getting back to everyone I've not gotten back to, I have read everything submitted.

Rock on, heroes. This is Dr Jekyll, signing off.


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Word To My Homs

Hello, gentlemen (and any ladies who might be reading this by accident).

Well, it's been a hectic few months. As any followers of this blog will no doubt be aware, I've not been posting nor responding for a long time. This is for the simple reason that you all smell of wee.

I've been chillin' in the name of, untangling myself from the crazed tomfoolery of the online underworld. I knew I had to get out, and 'just one more response' was keeping me glued to the computer. To coin a phrase, I dropped a portcullis on all things related to the world of seduction. People, places, things - I've just dropped off the radar completely.

All of you who've stayed with the blog, I salute you and give you a great big hug in a non-gay way. Apart from you, Mark. I'm secretly feeling your bottom.

I haven't decided whether or not this blog will undergo a full-scale revival yet - although I will post here and there. I don't want to become an anti-community protest blog - not because I don't think that's worthwhile, but because I'd rather not get sucked into playing another 'guru' role.

Equally, I have been reading my email every now and then, and if you've posted a comment that hasn't been published (there are 126 pending at this moment... eep!) then I will have read it.

As such, I am aware that there are a lot of guys dealing with some really fricked up shit as a result of community exposure. On an ongoing basis I would like to respond to these things as best I can because I really feel for you.

The last couple of posts on the blog, although fine holiday fun, were descending into (from my point of view) a kind of argumentative whak-a-rat. Someone would bring up a load of points, I'd address them, someone would respond to that with 20 more, I'd address them, someone would respond with 50 more, and so on and so forth.

I felt that leaving the blog where it was worked because I think there's enough info in the last 2 posts and response threads to give serious pause for thought. Call it my spanner in the works, if you will.

Now here's what's going to happen - feel free to post some responses. Bear in mind though that it's unlikely I'll be going all out on another serious back-and-forth, point-for-point debate about this, at least in the immediate future.

In other news, have returned to the work of Herr Tolle, have a new job and things are generally looking pretty rosy. Oh, and Lehman Brothers just went under. I told them that CDOs were a bad idea. Did they listen? Did they heck.

Speak soon, peeps.